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Step 1: Enter your address into the above search bar so that we can model your local environmental conditions. With just an address we can model your environment’s characteristics and determine which plants will thrive near you.
Step 2: Filter and sort through the list of plants that thrive in your local environment. With our easy to use tools, you can filter through our database to find the plants that best match your personal needs.
Step 3: Learn more about the plants that spark your interest with our lengthy and detailed overviews. Each plant comes with an extensive detail page listing out its characteristics along with notes and images.
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"I can’t believe this app is free!"

I’m a sucker for medicinal plants, but finding the right ones to grow in my backyard took hours until I found Botnie. Now I can find fun and unique medicinal plants in less than 10 minutes. I can’t believe this app is free!
Paul Miles Santa Rosa, CA

"I didn’t know gardening could be this easy and fun!"

My friend told me about Botnie and wow… I didn’t know gardening could be this easy and FUN. I’ve already planted my seeds but still visit Botnie to brainstorm future projects.
Janya Clebert Wichita, KS

"This app is a wealth of information"

I was hesitant to try this app because I don’t use computers much. But Botnie has surprised me. My wife and I planned our dream ecosystem from the soil up in a few days. This app is a wealth of information and so easy to use, even for old folks like me.
Steve Brown Loomis, CA

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Built by sustainable farmers and GIS engineers, Botnie
provides you streamlined geographical analytics & localized plant
recommendations to help you get started on your journey.
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